This is My Safety

I trust most of you by now have seen the footage or have at least heard of the incident involving the FBI agent who lost his firearm while showing off his over-the-top dance moves. If you have not seen the video clip, you can see it here. FBI Agent Loses His Gun During Dance-Floor Backflip,... Continue Reading →

The Art of Concealed Carry

All across our state, thousands of citizens are joining the ranks of law-abiding individuals who are exercising their right to concealed carry.  There is little debate that contradicts data exposing increased levels of senseless violence threatening the peace in our neighborhoods.   Whether you are a current CCW holder, or are considering the merits of... Continue Reading →

Two Bits in the Fountain

I often share with my students a training philosophy that I have practiced for years: Every one round you send down range is an investment in your secure future. Too often I have seen novice as well as experienced shooters expending ammunition as if the supply is endless. But the question that always arises in... Continue Reading →

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